›› Staying Alive

        by Wanda Velez

Hello my name is Wanda, and I am a recovery alcoholic and addict. I used for 22 years and then one day I got arrested. I want to say that that was the best thing that happened to me, getting arrested.

I was alive and free for the first time in my life. I never ever thought I would live free from drugs and booze. I got in recovery when I got arrested and I surrendered to the program of recovery.

Today I work in a drug and alcohol recovery center and I must say that one of the best things I have done is giving back what was freely given to me. I work in the field and I am currently in college to obtain my CAADAC certification; I also want to major in psychology.

How has this affected me? I get this feeling of fulfillment when I see someone feeling the light that I am giving, the light of recovery, the light of freedom, the light to live and stay free from the disease of addiction, even though today I still fight on a daily basis with my addiction, today my addiction is sugar and that is a big one, but one day at a time I am fighting it as well.

Working in the field of drugs and alcohol has kept me alive, has helped me give so much light to those that can't see. I love to go to work each day and share that with others that cannot see, I once couldn’t see and today I see and I believe that one addict helps another addict. I stay alive and well working in recovery. I look forward to go to work and help someone, help my co-workers. It just keeps me breathing and alive. I love my job, and I work in the field because it is my passion to give life to others that want to live.


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