Did you know?? In 1900, the most common drug addict was the middle-aged white woman in rural America. Why? The extensive use of "patent medicines," also known as snake oil, which could be up to 50% morphine. These women had no idea they were actually taking morphine.
ref: The History of the Non-Medical Use of Drugs in the United States

›› Parent Resources

Parents - The Anti-Drug
A drug prevention information center, and a supportive community for parents to interact and learn from each other.

After School Alliance
The Afterschool Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of afterschool programs and advocating for quality, affordable programs for all children. It is supported by a group of public, private and nonprofit organizations that share the Alliance's vision of ensuring that all children have access to afterschool programs by 2010.

Drug Strategies
Drug Strategies promotes more effective approaches to the nation's drug problems and supports private and public efforts to reduce the demand for drugs through prevention, education, treatment, law enforcement and community initiatives.

›› Educator Resources

Sara's Quest
Sara's Quest, developed by NIDA to use in schools or in the home, is an engaging game that teaches children about the effects of drugs on their brains and bodies.

Building Blocks
Welcome, Educators. Our newest section of the Building Blocks Web site was developed to build a bridge between school and home, to reach out to your community, and to use skills and objectives across your curricula. Teaching Tips: Find out how Building Blocks fits into your classroom and curriculum with our easy-to-use matrix. Best Practices, Teaching Tools, Training Manuals, News You Can Use, and the latest information on helping parents and children make positive, healthy choices.

Freedom Ranch Maui Incorporated
A Non-profit, charitable organization with online teachings and resources for training the trainers, facilitators, counselors, and afflicted on how to have early A.A. history impact on recovery today.
(808) 874-4876

Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention
Provides technical assistance, conducts training workshops, and develops publications for campus alcohol and other drug prevention efforts. Works with colleges, universities, and proprietary schools throughout the country. (800) 676-1730

NIDA for Teens
A partnership between National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and Scholastic Magazine providing science-based drug abuse education curricula.

Understanding Alcohol: Investigations into Biology and Behavior
NIH Curriculum supplement for Grades 7- 8. Learn about the science underlying the effects of alcohol on human biology and behavior.

Freedom Ranch Maui Incorporated
A Non-profit, charitable organization with online
teachings and resources for training the trainers, facilitators, counselors, and afflicted on how to have early A.A. history impact on recovery today.
808 874 4876

›› Resources for Teens & Kids

Bubble Monkey
Drug Strategies web site that gives teens anonymous access to accurate information about drugs

Drug education site for teens created by The National Anti-Drug Media Campaign

NIDA Information for Students & Young Adults
Web sites and educational materials developed specifically for students and young adults from grades K-10.

PBS Kids
drug abuse links http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/parents/resources/drugabuse.html Anti Smoking Curricula from PBS. For grades 3-7. Students will need to make health decisions related to their health habits. Smoking is a habit that often begins in early adolescence. According to the CDC, smoking is the number one cause of lung disorders and contributes to the onset of many diseases.

The Reconstructors

The Reconstructors is a problem-based adventure game engaging the player in the role of scientist, historian, geographer, and detective. Structured into several consecutive episodes, each with its own learning objectives, the game will help the player make better, more informed health choices when it comes to avoiding drugs of abuse.

›› International Resources

The Alchemy Project
The Alchemy Project unlocks the inner-voices of disadvantaged and at-risk youth through the transformative process of writing.

World Health Organization - Management of Substance Abuse
This website contains information pertaining to psychoactive substance use and abuse, and also information about the World Health Organization's projects and activities in the areas of substance use and substance dependence.

DrugInfo Clearinghouse
Provided by the Australian Drug Foundation, DrugInfo Clearinghouse functions as a drug prevention network, providing easy access to information about alcohol and other drugs, and drug prevention.

›› Research, Journals, and Periodicals

Addiction Journal
Addiction is a prestigious monthly international peer-reviewed journal, publishing almost 1250 pages each year. It is read in over 60 countries and has been in continuous publication since the Society for the Study of Addiction was founded in 1884. Addiction publishes peer-reviewed research reports on alcohol, illicit drugs and tobacco bringing together research conducted within many different disciplines.


Guide to Illegal Drugs