›› Helping others be successful

        by Stan Hamnett

I attempted to counsel my co-workers when I was as an aircraft mechanic/flight engineer (12 1/2 years), while on Active-Duty in the Air Force. I found out that didn't work, since I was judging more than helping. I also had a subordinate literally come to work drunk and both he and I had to redo the work that afternoon that he had done that morning. I later, after having some medical problems, retrained into the career field of substance abuse counselor. I found myself the highest ranking Non-Commissioned Officer (still on Active Duty in the Air Force) in the office, which made me the person in charge. I was also encouraged by a subordinate and friend to go get a college degree.

Ten years later I walked away with a Master of Arts in Career Counseling (only counseling degree available at the time in my area). I also picked up a knack for computers when they appeared on desks in '86 '87. I became the office computer guru/counselor. After retiring in 1991 with 24 years and 9 months active duty Air Force, I did some contract counseling for 4 years, and then ended up wanting to volunteer at the local Rescue Mission.

10 (11 years as of 14 Feb 2007) years later, I have the honor of being the most tenured employee at the Gospel Rescue Mission in Tucson, AZ. As if you haven't guessed already, I enjoy helping others.

I also prayed, many years ago, and promised God I would help others, especially when I was in a position of making decisions that affected their lives.. You can guess the rest. http://tucsonrecovery.org is a by product of this.


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