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Governors' Drug-Free Communities Program
Office of Drug Control
PL04, The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399
(850) 922-0328

The Florida Community Coalitions
The Florida Community Coalitions Prevention Center works to provide Florida's communities with information, resources and a single point of contact to help them reach their goals of community mobilization, sustainability and improved quality of life for their residents.
Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association, Inc.
2868 Mahan Drive, Suite 1,
Tallahassee, FL 32308

(850) 878-2196

Alcohol and Substance Use Research Institute (ASURI)
Alcohol and Substance Use Research Institute (ASURI) was established at the University of South Florida in 1993 to support research and training activities pertaining to the etiology and treatment of problematic alcohol and substance use.
University of South Florida
Department of Psychology
4202 E. Fowler Avenue - PCD4118G
Tampa, FL 33620

Substance Abuse Ministry (SAM)
Substance Abuse Ministry (SAM) can be defined as prevention efforts of church, mosque or synagogue endeavoring to reduce and eliminate alcohol and other drug abuse in our society.
St. Luke’s Addiction Recovery Center
7707 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33150

Miami Coalition For Safe And Drug-Free Community
Serving in the role of community convener and facilitator, the Coalition is committed to reducing the problems of drug abuse, addiction, and directly related social issues in the Miami-Dade Community
2140 South Dixie Highway, Suite 205
Miami, Florida  33133

Alpha Ministries
A model for faith based organizations offering recovery support services.
2500 S. Kanner Hwy Stuart,
FL 34994

Net Training Institute
NET Training Institute provides training in counseling, addiction, prevention and recovery support ministry using sound curriculum that is both faith-based and knowledge-based.
PO Box 536875
Orlando, FL 32853-6875


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