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search engines with an enhanced listing.

All ads and paid listings are optimized to help your organization's rank in the search engines. How? Let us show you!

Available packages:

›› Banner Ad + Enhanced Listing - $600/year

600 X 90 graphic banner at the top of the page of your choice (subject to availability)
Enhanced listing: graphical link in your listing on the state facilities page
+ 5 line description of your organization.

›› Enhanced Listing - $320/year

Enhanced listing: graphical link (maximum 400 X 75)
in your listing on the state facilities page
+ 5 line description of your organization.

›› Basic Listing - $125/year

A basic listing is a search engine optimized hyperlink
added to the standard free listing on the facilities page
for your state.

All graphics are provided by the client and must be no
larger than our specified maximum dimensions. If you
want to have us create the graphics for you, please call
us at 303-351-8131 or email us at ads(at)nationalsubstanceabuseindex.org.

Any substance abuse related organization is entitled to a
free listing which includes name, address, services offered,
and phone number.

›› Steps for Getting your Listing Posted

  1. Submit your listing information.
  2. Pay for the ad or listing.
  3. Email your graphics to ads@nationalsubstanceabuseindex.org.
  4. Clarify any details with our Ad Center.
  5. Your ad or listing will be up within a week of receipt of all content.

Submit your listing here.
The same form is used for all three levels of ads.


Advertising on NationalSubstanceAbuseIndex.org not only helps you connect with clients, it also helps support our work to help others overcome substance abuse.

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Email us at ads@nationalsubstanceabuseindex.org or call 303-351-8131.





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