You must expect to be duped and tricked at times. Drugs make a person manipulate others. You must not expect otherwise no matter what you see or hear.

   - from Beware of the Staff and the Patients will take care of Themselves! by Joel Blaylock

›› Frequently Asked Questions about Addiction

Commonly asked questions about alcohol and drug abuse.

  1. Is it possible to become addicted to a drug after trying it only once?

    In most cases, trying a drug only once will not cause addiction; but in the case of highly addictive drugs such as amphetamines and heroin, a single use may create cravings that lead to addiction. Once the desire for drugs is fostered, the downward spiral into addiction may be hard to stop. An urge to take drugs and attempts to get ahold of them is a red flag indicating possible addiction.

  2. Can a person be too young to become addicted?

    In general, younger people may be more susceptible to the effects of drugs. Their brains are still forming and the effects of introducing drugs can be more drastic.

  3. What are the symptoms of cocaine addiction?
    Someone addicted to cocaine can show a variety of different signs and symptoms including drastic changes in mood and personality. Cocaine users often act carelessly, acting out of character. Sniffles, bloody or runny noses and dilated pupils are all signs of cocaine use. If these signs persist, worsen or become more frequent, chances are the person has become addicted to cocaine. Cocaine addiction, like other drug addictions is characterized by a tolerance and dependence on the drug. Increased paranoia, anxiety and changes in sleeping and eating patterns are also signs of cocaine abuse or addiction.

  4. What are the effects of heroin?
    Heroin is highly addictive; it is a depressant and an opioid, meaning it slows down the brain’s ability to function. Heroin is typically injected and can also be smoked and snorted. Heroin causes a highly desirable sense of pleasure and euphoria and almost immediately creates a craving for more. A heroin addict has little desire to do anything but get more heroin. He/she will usually lie, cheat or steal for the next high. People addicted to heroin are unable to function in daily life and are unable to maintain relationships. People who inject heroin are at risk for diseases such a HIV, AIDS and hepatitis. Heroin addiction can lead to debt, insanity and death.


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