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Problems with alcoholism or drug abuse lead to legal problems - accidents, possession, trafficking, disorderly conduct, and theft. If you have a relative or work associate with a substance abuse problem, you need to be aware of the legal penalties and legal help available.


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The Effects of Alcohol - BAC levels and corresponding physical and emotional effects.

Breathalyzer Facts - What a breathalyzer is and how it works.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer - How a DUI lawyer can protect your rights.


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The following Legal Directories can help you locate a lawyer specializing in DUI

DUI Defenders
Defenders provides simplified access and quick selection of multiple drunk driving barristers, 50 States Nationwide

DUI Alcohol, DWI Drugs or any other Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated criminal charges, we are here to provide legal help to you. Free initial case screening.

Drunk Driving Lawyers
Provides nationwide listing of Attorneys and Law Firms specializing in DUI / DWI defense cases. Finding a DUI Lawyer is as easy as typing a zip code.

DUI / DWI Defense Lawyer Directory
Find a defense lawyer or criminal defense attorney for a driving under the influence, DWI or drunk driving case.

DUI / DWI Lawyer - FindLaw
Find a good DUI DWI Attorney, Lawyer, Law Firm. Compare profiles & credentials. Read in-depth research for free. Browse the premium directory of DUI DWI Attorneys, Lawyers, Law Firms.

Everything you need to know about drinking and driving, finding the right DUI lawyer or attorney, drunk driving defense and alcohol treatment options.

Total DUI
DUI charges can mean jail time, license suspensions, higher insurance rates and more. Don't gamble-set up a free consultation with a DUI lawyer today!


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